A Few Tips On How To Identify The Best Podcast For You

There are a lot of podcasts today and if you’re just starting to explore it, chances are it’s going to feel like there are a lot of options to choose from. And that’s reasonable because anyone can do podcasts these days. Putting up a podcast and a channel doesn’t require a lot of money, does not require the best gears or requires an expert for video editing. You can learn it slowly as you go along.

But if there are so many podcasts to explore, how can one find the best or the ideal podcast for them? It’s not actually that hard once you group everything and drill it down to every category and a few research. So how can one end up with the ideal podcast channel to watch or listen to? A few tips can be found below.

Google can help: Google search is one of the best search engines around that you can rely on for the most part. You can search for the best ones out there simply by getting Google‘s help. Surely there will be some blogs, forums or posts that will have a top list of podcasts that you can explore based on your interests. But of course, you have to take it with a grain of salt and you have to see for yourself if it’s really good since most of the reviews are not objective but also subjectively driven.

Drill down by category: If you drill down by category you can easily see a few lists that you can potentially check out. Categories like genres and topics are the usual drill-downs that you can use to get to the podcasts that you prefer. Although that can still give you a substantial amount, at least the number is manageable.

SOFREPCheck the ratings and reviews: Reviews and ratings are feedbacks given by people that has listened and watched the podcast. Ratings and reviews are very helpful since it gives people a good insight as to how a podcast would fare. To put it simply, ratings and feedbacks are the voice of the people. If a podcast got less than 3 stars then there’s a good chance that those are the podcasts that you should avoid or check out if there aren’t any more good options after you listened to the good ones.

Podcasts has been very popular in the last decade. So popular that the sheer number of people doing podcasts has drastically increased. Today there are a ton of podcast options to watch and listen to. Aside from its popularity, doing podcasts isn’t actually that expensive and can be done with decent hardware, talent, good story, and a cool quiet place. If you’re a listener that just started listening to podcasts, there are a few tips that you should try in order not to get overwhelmed with the options on what podcasts to listen to. If you like the military stuff and anything that has to do with the military go check out SOFREP.