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It would be difficult for a company without an accounting system to fully prosper. This is partly due to the fact that part of the activities related to the accounting process is monitoring and data analysis. The initial purchase or acquisition of assets, the actual production, the first expenses of the company, including all the transactions that enter and leave the company, all this must go through a series of accounting processes.

With the advent of Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, where you can integrate several business processes and data into a single system, many departments of a business or company that previously worked independently and correlated data only at a given level time, now you can exchange data anytime you need it.

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Many companies have used this tool as a tool to improve business processes, which, in turn, increases the company’s productivity in terms of revenue and services. A common ERP application is the integration of payroll and accounting systems. Although an ERP generally combines more than two business processes, a payroll system is the most basic example of an ERP.


The sage accpac software comes with an ERP solution that helps your company gain a competitive advantage by automating seemingly endless manual processes. It covers the operational and financial aspects of the company. You can perform basic accounting functions such as General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Order Entry, Inventory Control and Purchase Order. Thanks to its multilevel technology, it can be easily customized and scaled according to the specific needs of your company. This flexibility, together with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, has long been a registered trademark of all Sage products.