Are Eyelash Extensions Safe? All Questions Answered

The eyes are the most important part of the personality. They deliver the unsaid things. The glittery eyes give additional details of the personality. Hence, a lot of female audiences are inclined towards enhancing their beautiful eyes with eyelash extensions.

Eyelashes extension are widely used by make-up professionals. According to them, it glorifies the beauty of the face. These extensions are synthetic eyelashes. These are supposed to be applied over the natural eyelashes with the help of glue. This glue doesn’t cause any harm to the natural eyelashes or eyes.

The majority of the female audience always asks, “are eyelash extensions safe?” Beauticians have stated that the extensions are safe if handled with care. Since they don’t come in contact with the skin, they are completely safe.

are eyelash extensions safe

What are the factors on which the life of the eye extensions is based?

The life of the extensions largely depends on the natural eyelashes. Thick eyelashes can carry synthetic eyelashes for a longer time. One can use the fake eyelashes for a period of a minimum of three weeks to a maximum of 5 weeks. The daily routine and usage of eyelashes can also determine its life.

To take good care of the eyelashes, one should apply water-based makeup. Waterproof makeup might damage the quality of the eyelash extensions. It is also recommended to keep the eyes dry after applying for the extensions.

Following are the precautions for ensuring safety: –

One should not use any shampoo or conditioners after applying the eyelashes. It is advisable not to use any kind of face wipes and cleansing elements on the face. The usage of eyelash curlers is strictly prohibited.  A foam eyelash cleaner should be used to clean and remove facial makeup or dirt. Eyelash extensions are safe if one takes the utmost precautions.