Choose The Right Amp For Your Car

While purchasing an audio system you tend to pick everything that is the best.  Particularly, when it comes to quality of music there would be no compromise. Catching this pulse of listeners, electronic companies have come up with new sophisticated components which enhance your listening experience. One of such modern equipment is stereo amplifier.An amplifier is the biggest asset of a system whether it is CD player, radio, Mobile player or DVD.  It pulls out the best audio performance by your device and acts as a key element in rendering high quality sound.  Amplifying in simple language means enlarging.  So all that an amplifier does is receive a small signal and enlarge it with a motto of enriching audio quality. To enjoy this there are again devices like sub woofers for your hi- fi modern systems.  But then how do you select best car amp for subwoofer given that there are lot of choices in the market.

coaxial speakers

A car amplifier offers better signal by boosting electric signals and relatively minimises distractions when compared to a head unit.  It receives low output signals from a root connection and increases the signal strength to such an extent that it can potentially build up speakers and sub-woofers.  Choose the best car amp for subwoofer and enjoy uninterrupted and flawless audio with the following tips:


  • As a first step, check how many speakers you have in your sound system. Ideally, one channel will be sufficient for each speaker. If you have sub woofers attached to your system then single channel amplifier is more than enough for good quality.
  • If you have two or more channels then you can use 2 channel amp. You can also utilise it to power coaxial speakers. To this again you want to add sub woofers then 4-channel amp would be an ideal choice.
  • Also you can install the same amp for all coaxial speakers and fix a separate one for sub-woofer.


  • The next vital part that is to be taken care is power. Never underpower your speakers. Even the lowest quality speaker that you use will have an RMS value and should be able to get an amp that derives 80 to 150 per cent of that value. Even if you are trying to replace your existing one, power plays an important role.  Keep in view the specific sub woofer’s requirements and better install a separate mono amplifier if required.


A head unit or often called Deck is an in-dash car stereo that provides hard ware interface to the audio system. It is the brain and command house of your device.  So while buying a head unit consider one which has preamp outputs and an amp which has line level inputs.  This enables you to experience a very clear sound quality.

Purchasing audio accessories is not a tough task as many think. All that you need is a basic understanding of all devices and which one goes well with your system.