Compressor: what’s the use, how does it work, what’s the best?

COMPRESSOR CAR – It is not with a bicycle pump that one can inflate one’s car tires. For those who want to do it at home, the purchase of an electric compressor is required. Tips and selection of car tire inflators. It is therefore important to remember four essential parameters to understand the operation of a  dew point for compressed air compressor:

The air flow in l / m (in m3 / h):

 It indicates how much air can be returned to use. It is correlated with engine power and tank volume and is the most important feature to remember. The higher this flow rate, the more it allows performing tasks requiring large volumes of air, such as sandblasting.

Portable model of compressor

Engine power expressed in horsepower:

 This translates into the ability to suck and return air under pressure. A powerful motor can then suck faster and compress the air faster and more strongly. In this respect, thermal engines are much more efficient than electric ones, but they also have their advantages:  dew point for compressed air they are much less bulky and much simpler to use and maintain.

The tank volume in m3: this parameter indicates the capacity of the tank to store the compressed air.

The pressure in B (bars): the higher it is, the more it allows to perform demanding tasks, including the use of pneumatic tools for professionals. For individuals and occasional needs, a pressure of 6 to 8 bar is largely sufficient.

Portable model of compressor

This kind of representation is completely suited for occasional use and is easily stored in the garage, the tool shed or in the trunk of your car. Most often equipped with an electric motor that can be connected to the network or the cigarette lighter, it is mainly used for the pressure of the tires of bicycles, motorcycles or cars, some brief cleaning missions, to gluing, or still stapling.