FasciaBlaster study by scientists has been conducted by 43 women for 90 days

A New York Times Bestseller Writer, Ashley Black Guru’s creator and developer of the amazingly famous fasciablaster, Ashley Black lived a life full of challenges, she fought and she conquered more than once before she was black guru, and a fascia blaster. Born in 1972 in Alabama, Ashley was diagnosed as a young girl, with pains during most of her childhood with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. After spending a lot of her young people in doctor’s offices, she was told to use a wheelchair by the age of 25. Ashley refused this diagnosis and tried to demonstrate that the doctors were wrong.

Where FasciaBlaster and Ashley Black Guru Originated?

Ashley Black realized that she had a lot of different technologies that could improve her fascia. She decided to build a full business with her knowledge even outside fasciablaster. She began to build several websites and social media to share her story, knowledge and she called Ashley instead — the first woman to demonstrate in ultrasound photography what her instruments do because she is a true Guru of Fascia.

The FasciaBlaster was a necessity in the world. Ashley discovered that she could relieve the pressures in her body by using the Fascia. Ashley and her patients collaborated in the same way to reduce their sorrows and suffering. The methods that she had used on herself would be repeated. Ashley found that fascia manipulation affects her customers as long as these techniques are done regularly, even daily.

The FasciaBlaster Peer-Reviewed Study Shows:

(1) Proof for the overall safety of FasciaBlaster devices.

(2) Enhanced Resting Metabolism.

(3) Improved Collagen Remodeling.

(4) Reduced cellulite APPEARANCE.

(5) Reduced inflammation and subcutaneous fat.

(6) Improved compaction and smoothness.

An analysis of the FasciaBlaster provides evidence, perhaps most critically, for the general security of the software FasciaBlaster and of its protocols for fascia control.