How to choose the right label material and adhesives

Labeling is compulsory for each packaging product. If you use a label that is not of good material, then there is a risk of it getting peeled off or get damaged. In case if the product does not have any label as per the rules and regulations provided by the authorities. Then you might have to pay huge fines which will be too expensive for you. The wrong material can also damage your printing machines. The label printing services in Eden Prairie is the best printing company that uses the best material for labels. Let us briefly look at different types of materials and the adhesives available.

Label material

  • Choosing the right material is essential for designing perfect labels. You can find many different types of film and paper stocks in the market. Each material has its purpose and, the printing method is also changes based on the material.
  • The common paper face stocks are thermal transfer and direct thermal. Thermal transfer uses the ribbon. The thermal print heats the ribbon and, then it gets melted. While it is melting the print is transferred to the label.
  • The second one is the direct thermal it is quite opposite to the thermal transfer. In this instead, if the ribbon the thermal head heat the label which changes the color.

Label adhesives

  • As the label material is important to get a perfect print label. In the same way, the label adhesives are also a very crucial part of the label. It will not make any sense if you have the correct label but it cannot stick properly. There are many different types of adhesives in the market.
  • Some of the common sticks are permanent, removable, all-temp, and aggressive. The permanent stick is the one that can be used for long time applications. But still, it may not be used on all surfaces.
  • Removable gum is the one that can be removed and replaced many times. But some removable gums can be only replaced once or twice. All-temp gum is used in high-temperature and cold temperature zones.


Finally, choosing the best material and adhesives for your labels can save you from paying huge fines.