How to Make the Perfect Coffee at Home

Coffee brewing at home does not have to be complicated, and with the right techniques, your homebrew can be just as tasty as the coffees served in our cafes. You can buy fresh roasted coffee beans Singapore who are concerned about quality.

2 – 14 days after the roast date is the best time to brew coffee. This is the point consider the roasted coffee beans to be at their freshest. It’s the time when the aromas and spices are at their peak. The gases (primarily CO2) begin to escape from the bean during this peak period of freshness, causing the flavours to develop until they disappear.

Store the beans properly:

If you’ve purchased fresh roasted coffee beans Singapore, make sure you store them properly, they last as long as possible. Choose a jar with a strong seal, ideally one with a one-way valve that allows air to escape but not back in. If your container doesn’t have a valve, make sure it isn’t overfilled to avoid a build-up of pressure. Since freshly roasted coffee releases small quantities of trapped carbon dioxide, many coffee packages have an in-built valve.

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Grinding your beans:

Right before you brew, grind your coffee. Grinding hastens the aging process, and coffee easily loses its taste. If you’re going camping or on the drive, bring a small hand-held grinder instead of pre-grinding.

Use a good coffee brewing method:

Use a manual coffee dripper (or pour-over) to get the best-brewed coffee. It gives you complete control over the process. The Hario V60 is a perfect way to make great coffee without spending a lot of money on an automated machine.