In what other ways can energy be saved?

If your heating system runs on oil, consider looking for options and comparing them to be sure of getting a good price. Find out about the reputation of the company and the quality of its service.  f you live in an area where you have the possibility to choose your natural gas service provider, search and compare to find a good gas price.

A professional evaluation

Professional evaluation Ask What is Nord Pool done with special equipment, such as air pressure devices and infrared cameras could cost you hundreds of dollars. Before choosing a company, be sure to look for several references, and verify the reputation of the company with your local consumer protection agency. Have the auditor use an air pressure device to check for leaks and perform inspections with a thermograph, or hire another company to do so. Your evaluation should include specific recommendations that can be implemented.

local consumer protection agency

Look also at the small details.

  • Small savings can add up to a lot of money. Other ideas to save energy:
  • Lower your thermostat in winter and turn it on in the summer before going to bed or before leaving your house for the day, or install a programmable thermostat that does it automatically.
  • Check boiler filters by air pressure, heat pumps, or air conditioners according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to see if they need to be cleaned or changed, and check that the vents in the fireplace are closed while igniting the fire.
  • Consider enrolling in a budgeted billing program , if your energy service company offers it to you. Although you will not actually pay less, the budgeted billing plans divide the cost of energy throughout the year, allowing you to protect yourself from peak seasonal consumption. If you depend on fixed income or have trouble paying your energy bills, contact your energy service company. Maybe they have some help plan to offer.