Manicure Semi-Permanent Nails: Try Out This New Nail Trends

Coloring nails is one way of beautifying it. Available nail polishes are around and are offered from different brands. But, what makes one brand become the choice of many? It is the quality that makes it stay to last for many days. The reason why many people are keeping on coming back in a nail salon is to get a manicure. Though they don’t want to spend much on their nails, they are forced to do so? Why? It is because of the nail polish that gradually gets damaged. Thus, people look for an expensive brand to have the guarantee to last long. But, this should not be a limitation to the minds. Just the way how technology had updated so as with making the nails clean and beautiful.


Perfect nail accessory

Aside from making the nails clean and classy, using ordinary nail polish can be out of date now. Colores de gel is the new class of beautifying the nails while at the same time making it look elegant. Yes, an elegance can’t only be seen on how the way people dressed. It is also on the way how they make their nails look classy.  Ordinary nail polish can be good, but it is nice to try out the new trend of nail polish called gels. Color gels are the latest craze today.

By simply applying the gel on the nails and dry it up using the LED lamp, you can have dried nice-looking gel on. Some have bought gel for their nails an applied it. Yet, they are surprised by how the gel works. They waited for hours to dry up, but nothing happened. So, they get disappointed with the result and decided not to have it the next time. But, have you asked yourself why it happened?

You should know

Color gels for nails are the latest kind of nail polish. In comparison to the common type which is the ordinary nail polish, the color gel works differently. As a user, you need to know that it doesn’t dry up the way how ordinary nail polish works. Colores de gel uses the LED lamp or UV LED light for drying up. It doesn’t take minutes or hours before it dried up, it only takes 30 seconds. But, users must be aware that it also depends on the application. Every first layer or coat dry for 30 seconds, so if it has 3 coats, then triple the 30 seconds. As easy as that!