The competitive ranked mode of Valorant, has been introduced for serious players of the game, interested in ranking up. Since its launch, Riot games have been adding on a lot of new updates and features into the game. One of the best features was the competitive/ranked mode for those trying to one up their peers and stay ahead of the game. Players are able to team up with their mates, as long as they are within 2 tiers of each other’s rank. And now that the Act 1 of the game has come to a close, a new update of this game mode has already begun.

Act 2 is introducing a new feature of the game called as “Act Ranks”, a catchy new name that essentially refers to a set of badges that are assigned on the basis of your performance in the game. Such features help a player get a Valorant Boost.

 How does it work?

  • Placement games don’t count toward gaining your Act Rank.
  • Also players have to wait for Act 3 to start before these Act Rank badges get introduced in the Act 2. Riot has made it so to let the players get accomodated with the earlier version before awarding these badges.
  • You can view these Act Rank badges and their progress at any time from the career page.
  • Hitting new win thresholds also offers the borders a different kind of sheen.
  • These triangles become newer and shinier as you keep gaining more wins.
  • As you keep playing competitive games, small colorful triangles get filled up in the Act Rank, each rank specifying a win in a ranked match.
  • In competitive mode, act rank will be displayed as a badge at the end of an act in your player card.
  • The entire wins in an act combined with the 9 highest ranked wins in each act determines Act Rank.

More brand-new features for the game are also in the making, as Riot games has planned in the near future. At the start of Act 2, it’ll only take 3 games to display your rank instead of the initial 5. These placements are quick as Riot’s able.

Riot Games official web page has displayed all other details and an in-depth look into these new updates as well as about all the new up and coming announcements regarding additional updates.