Playing GTA V Mobile? Here Are Some Tips!

Playing online games is fun, but sometimes, gamers have their own favorites. One of the top choices is the all-new Grand Auto Theft 5 mobile.  The GTA 5 android is available Now you have your answer. Players can now enjoy the new GTA v ios and GTA 5 for android.

Download And Install GTA V Mobile

Before you can play the GTA v mobile, it is important that you have completely downloaded the APK from a trusted site, like Make sure that you are using one of the best smartphones for this game. For example, if you have an Android phone, it should be running in an OS that is at least 7.0 or Nougat. The RAM should also have at least 3GB. The free memory card should be 3 to 4 GB for you to enjoy the GTA 5 android gameplay.

Once you got that covered, your phone is now ready to download the GTA 5 APK. You have to make sure that your phone settings allow downloads from other sources for you to install the GTA 5 ios or GTA 5 download. Once installed, just wait for the game to load. At some point, you will need to reverify your account. Just follow the onscreen instructions to complete the GTA 5 mobile download and enjoy GTA 5 on phone.

GTA 5 on phone

5 Tips When Playing GTA V Mobile

Many would say that playing the mobile GTA 5 is similar to how you play it on your PC or consoles. The only difference is that the screen is smaller. No matter what other people say, here are some tips that can help you enjoy the GTA 5 mobile better:

  • Always Take Cover. If for example, Trevor is too cocky, make sure that you find cover during gunfights.
  • Headshot Is Better. Aim for the head when killing your opponents. You can surely hit them on other parts of their body but that doesn’t count especially for heavily-armored enemies.
  • Purchase A Hangar. If your character is Wanted, entering the airport or any military installation means trouble. Ease up the tension by investing in a hangar.
  • Take Your Time. Android GTA 5 is a game to enjoy. Do not rush things. Take side activities to boost your character.
  • Weapons Are Important. For your firearms, level them up quickly to improve accuracy, firing capabilities, as well as bullet capacity.

GTA 5 APK download is now easy to download and install to your mobile phones. Follow the tips mentioned above to enjoy the game to the fullest, anytime, anywhere!