Selection Of High-Quality Granite Remnants

Granite remnants are known as being functional and with a class when used. It is the time where leftovers are no longer seen as excess or no longer useful. Remnants granite can become useful now for multiple functions. It depends on you on how you can use it. Most of the granite installers used remnants for beautifying the patio or any furniture outdoors. Now, you can have a selection of granites at

What is countertop?

A countertop is a part of the house which is also considered as a worktop. It is a horizontal work surface located in the kitchen area, workrooms, lavatories or in bathrooms. It is often installed and supported by kitchen cabinets. It is positioned at an ergonomic height for easier to do certain tasks. A countertop is designed and constructed of several materials with various attributes of aesthetics, durability, and functionality. Meaning, can not only be functional, but can also contribute a lot with the interior design.

granite countertops

Selection of granite countertops

You can have several granite countertops according to the kind of granite type. Any of the remnant granite types can create a classy countertop. However, it depends on the homeowner which type of granite remnant to install. Here are the good and top-rated type of granite countertops:

  • Modular granite. A countertop made of modular granite built from the remnants of granite is very classy. It comes in standard counter shapes and sizes. Thus, it can be a perfect option if you wish to have a conventional kitchen. If you have a custom kitchen, this type of granite may not work though it works sometimes. For home renovators, this type of granite countertop is an excellent DIY option with standard kitchen sizes. The biggest concern that you need to focus on here will be putting the granite remnants together to complete a seamless look. Modular granite will be a good mid-range cost option that you can install.
  • Slab granite. A countertop that is widely accepted as one with the most elegant materials. Once people hear about a countertop, they instantly think about slab granite. It is a kind of countertop that is fabricated in a factory to be custom-made to fit anyone’s home. It is the most pricey type pg granite but with class and very much durable type of countertop to install.
  • Tiled granite. A countertop created by putting granite tiles on the edge-to-edge for securing them with epoxy to make it solid. It is a type of granite countertop that is more inexpensive than durable slab granite counters.

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