Synthetic Urine – A deep insight

Yesterday I had a very interesting discussion with my friend. He was undergoing the urinalysis test for a job at Frito Lay. A DTT which is drug test technician will visit his house and take the sample of his urine while he would have to piss in the presence of DTT which can be collected into the bottle. Sometimes DTT also visits the workplace for taking the urine samples.

drug test technician

  • Some peoples are switching their samples of original piss with the synthetic piss in the privacy of the cubicle. Synthetic Piss has hit the shelves now and you would be able to buy it easily.
  • It is so poorly made of that the time you submit this samples to the lab you would sure be busted.
  • I know what exactly you are thinking. If you manage to get right temperature in the fake piss samples then it
  • Is almost impossible to get busted. This is exactly what you have heard from the pros.
  • But we are not living in the 2000s anymore, now every other employer knows about the easy availability of fake piss and the test has become too much stringent.

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The urine is heated up at the right temperature in the microwave and then activated the heat pad. After that, I have worn the belt around my waist which is having a very uncomfortable design. In that belt, I have waited almost an hour. The temperature is showing 95 at that time which is considered as an ideal for submitting the urine samples to the lab.

When I transferred those samples into the actual specimen which is the collection bottle than temperature has dropped drastically. The bottle is almost cold and I felt that I have missed something. When I have again rechecked the temperature and it has come down to below 90 degrees.

In the scenario of real life, this would be busted within minutes. This only reinstates what I have mentioned earlier. This kits which are coming with heating pads are totally unreliable and can be considered only as a backup method. There are best urine brands which are coming with the heat activator powder.

Also, it has a cap on the bladder bag, when you open it; it will make a loud popping noise. You should be able to explain that sound to the lab technician.