The benefits of using SVG files on your websites

We are very acquainted with the different formats an image could be saved, such as JPEG, PNG, etc. Yet, we are not much familiar with Scalable Vector Graphics which are known for providing high-resolution pictures otherwise videos irrespective of the device they are played on. And therefore, including such graphics on the web is a fantastic notion to impress your viewers.

Advantages or Benefits of using SVG tool on your website are stated as follows:


One of the noticeable features of SVG is the capability to independently defining the resolution kind you need as the SVG files come under the group of vector graphics. You could modify the sizes without lessening the quality of the image. Using SVG could come real handy throughout the development of responsive sites through good presentation and work on diverse screen sizes and gadgets.

If you use other formats for example JPEG, PNG then on some devices, the picture quality might decrease, but that’s not the case while you use SVG, which makes it useful and beneficial.

File size of SVG

The file size of SVG might vary when compared to others because of the files’ vector nature of files, and moreover, it is also observed that after optimization, the file size is less compared to other image formats. Numerous ways are there for optimizing SVG, for example, command-line devices for deleting factors and groups manually.

Faster Loading Times

Using image files in PNG format otherwise, JPEG tends to occupy lots of space, which would affect the loading pace and henceforth affect the user interest in your site. To avoid these file size issues, you could go for SVG files as they only contain code that tends to occupy way less space and, therefore, protect your loading speed.

CSS Styling on SVG

It is easy to access SVG but using your web page by adding it to the HTML script of your page, plus such added SVG is known as inline SVG. Using the SVG tool through the browser is that you do not have to worry about making HTTP requests for extracting an image file.