The book club offers learning by its most playful form

By discussing a book read by all members, it is easier for you to reinforce things in your mind and it will allow you to better remember information. Also, by integrating a reading club, your level of general knowledge will be higher. For example, with a book  CRATE CLUB whose story unfolds at a certain time, you will learn more about the dates and facts that happened at this time in history.

The reading club develops your communication skills

Ever wanted to take away that fear of speaking in public? By becoming a member of a book club, you will learn to express yourself and express your opinions to an audience. But that’s not all! You will also be better able to disagree against an idea while using rational and non-emotional arguments. By joining a book club, you will be more honest and you will have more eloquent tacts.

The book club helps shape your writing aspiration

Sometimes you write stories. Do you dream of becoming an author one day? By integrating a reading CRATE CLUB, you will have at your disposal free of charge advice from readers who may be able to help you in your writing.

The course of a session in a reading club?

In general, members of a reading club meet once a month on a schedule that suits all members.


The principle of conducting a reading session

Above all, each club member must have read the book proposed in the previous session. Then comes the time to debate the book, sometimes in the presence of the author. This option is more and more offered by reading clubs that offer a paid membership.

The meeting place

In most cases, members of a reading club meet in turn at one of them. However, if the reading club starts to welcome more members, the public places are like a park or any other place that can be made available free of charge by the town hall. Some reading clubs meet in a bookstore or the local café.