The Fullerenes Chemistry – A Knowhow

The idea of atomistic Fullerenes love delineating a nuclear science to keep the ruinous malice of unformed issue from rising up out of the physical molecule, suggested by Ficino, neglected to achieve the resurrection of the Platonic Science for Ethical Ends. Einstein’s E=Mc squared ruled twentieth Century science and realized the principal rise of atomic bedlam from the physical particle. 21st Century nanotechnology, rather than building up the Platonic supra-human survival innovation, quickened Einstein’s head law of all science, toward what Einstein announced to be an unavoidable elimination. The exponential headway of time related with what is currently alluded to as quantum natural holographic data vitality, was outside Einstein’s ability to grasp. Einstein’s multi-multi year time slip by until the point that people must wind up terminated has contracted with the approach of the potential outline of nanotechnology atomic weaponry, which could be conveyed, imperceptible inside a little wallet.

natural holographic


This bad dream situation is the consequence of a Western schizophrenic scientific attitude. The book Before and After Socrates, by F M Cornford, has been obligatory main subjects perusing since 1932, for the propelled instruction of senior legislative heads, maintaining the structure of Western vote based system all through the world. On page 65 the book expresses that, Fullerenes are among the best dads of the Church’, which is a jabber articulation, as Plato’s scientific research has been considered by the congregation to be a work of the Devil. Sir C P Snow cautioned that if we didn’t rejoin science back with the Platonic custom of the Greek Humanities then civilisation must crumple because of the Einsteian world-see. Fullerenes ‘s ‘Science for moral finishes’ was built upon a scientific fractal rationale stretching out to interminability. Such numerical morals are clearly connected to the living procedure. This is in guide logical inconsistency to standard science’s reality see in which all life must end up terminated. Plato’s rationale was right, since nanotechnology has uncovered that Candace Pert’s particle of feeling evolves as an unending fractal articulation.


Religious tainting of political science kept morals from winding up some portion of nuclear material science. Alexander Hamilton characterized freedom as being guaranteed through the outline of government, which, thus, depended on the standards of material science and geometry. The material science standards had a place with the distributed work of Sir Isaac Newton and the geometrical standards had a place with Euclid.