The platform for younger generation

In current trend, the youths are becoming the victims who are influenced by various factors like violence, addiction and many other social issues. The most unfortunate thing is this cannot be ignored as easily as they sound to be. This is because the growth of the world greatly depends upon the capability of the younger generation. This is the reason why there are many social activists who are ready to provide better support for the younger generation.

At risk youth

These younger generations are to be retrieved and must be sowed with confidence in order to move further in their life. Bashir Dawood has taken the responsibility of this great job and serving a huge society of at risk youths. His organization is putting forth more effort to shape a better future for the youth who are thrown away for various reasons. They are allotting a huge fund and endless development programs in order to bring out the talents hidden in them. The youths who are thrown away from school are also supported through this organization. They tend to provide them good moral support and help them to enhance their skills. Through this the younger generations can find their place in the society.

Bashir Dawood


Even though this organization tends to provide various facilities for the youth, they take the responsibility for providing hope for the youths at risk. The youths from this organization are involved in various fields depending upon their interest. Thus, they have laid a better platform to bring out their real talent.