Things You Need to Know About Bus Rental for Team Building Tour and Trips

Planning a tour like team-building trips requires you to have an enormous amount of organization. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the dos and don’ts that piles up on your list, calm yourself and take a deep breath and plan it accordingly.

How essential is your planning effort? Team-building, company retreats, and tours promote employees and leaders to share their goals. Also, it uncovers people’s hidden abilities and talents, which can provide everyone a chance to showcase it to improve the team’s overall performance.

Well, this article can’t plan for your trip, but it is written to share what you can do to smoothen out your tour bus rental problem. In this guide, you’ll learn some tips for booking the appropriate bus for your team-building trip.

Here it goes:

  1. Collect Your Trip Itineraries Before Booking

Before calling your chosen rental company to book for a reservation for your team-building transportation, ensure that you know every single detail about the pick-up and drop-off dates, time, and locations.

Also, you should have an approximate number of employees who will join the trip, as well as the amenities and accommodations your team will be needing. Using these details, your reservation specialist can give you a recommendation for the perfect tour bus rental for your team-building trip.

Additional tip: Gather all your trip’s information in an online drive and have it share with your planning g committee. If there’s a chance, you can print essential documents, like hotel confirmations, valuable contact information, just in case your cell phone services are limited.

  1. Large Bus or a Mini Bus?

Based on the number of attendees, you need to choose between a large or a minibus. When you call your chosen rental company, a reservation specialist can assist you in identifying what kind of bus will be the best for your group size.

For instance, you might probably need a minibus if your group:

  • Traveling a short distance
  • Your group consists of 25 people or less
  • Doesn’t need luggage space
  • Going through the beautiful place within Chicago

chicago motor coachBut for a full-sized coach or charter bus, it is best if:

  • Your team will be traveling a long-distance trip
  • Your team has a larger number of attendees up to 65 passengers
  • Need space for extra belongings, luggage, and pieces of equipment

If your organization is transporting more than 50-60 employees, a reservation specialist will assist you in calculating the number of busses you’ll need to get the best fully accommodation for your group.

Additional Tip: Don’t be shy to delegate! Your planning committee employees can provide you feedback on your plans, brainstorm ideas, and uncover new considerations for the trip that you might probably missout.

  1. Book in Advanced

The earlier you book, the better. Booking for your tour bus earlier gives you the privilege to choose the best charter buses, sizes, and amenities choices. For a corporate team like building trips and tours, it is highly recommended to book at least three to six months earlier. Though other rental companies still accommodate last minute booking, like what was mentioned before, booking earlier gives you lots of benefits when it comes to choosing the best options they have.

Addition Tip: You can set a timeline for your team’s planning process for your building trips, you can check it anytime to see if you’re on the right track. If you hate missing a deadline, you can schedule a reminder in your phone’s calendar and share that timeline with your co-members in the planning committee.