Tips for beginner while playing battle royale game:

Battle royal game is popular in gaining attention of the players and it is entirely shooting game played online.These battle royale games are also developed by Epic where it is free and fun to play accordingly. Mostly as of now 40 million people are playing these fortnite v bucks hack games today.

Let’s focus on some of the tips required for a beginner to play these fornite hack battle royale games:


  • Before going to looting, initially you need to resume the game on the roof only. This game key requirement is building where you have to use wood, metal and stones respectively. Moreover you have to aware of your surroundings like building mechanics, your opponent’s edge. So, you have to build above the edge of your opponent. Then you can easily attack your opponent from the above. While in the process of attacking, you have to keep on running, jumping where it survives you during gunfights. As you know that, moving players can be quite risky to hit and attack them. So being a beginner, the best tip is you have to move on in your entire game respectively.
  • The timing of your circle runs. It certainly means that you will get a countdown of time till storm circle resumes in moving. So that you will be alarmed with a timer about the duration availability before it is going to shrunk completely. Moreover, you are advised to carry more weapons. Consider short range, mid range and long range engagements in a game. Here you require shotguns, rifle, and sniper respectively. You also need to carry out healing items like a short first aid kit like bandages and all, slurp juice etc. in looting; you are required to do almost everything for keeping balance of your inventory along with you.
  • For any kind of game, being a beginner you are required to learning basics initially is important. If you get aware of basics, you need to start to play in trial gaming software. For these games, there is a website where you can find many live streaming games and the mode of playing with number of players. So when you play with your friends in duo mode or in squad mode, you will gain knocking down before being caught or killed. So you can understand the motive of other player game sequence. Here just give an option to your friends for reviving you for further go. You can also play squads by choosing auto fill options. This option will allow 3 strangers to pair up with you for playing and learning a game. This option does not let you die very quickly.


Hence being a beginner, one has to follow above steps discussed for winning battle royale games.