Top 5 Best Movies On 123Movies That Every Movie Junkie Will Love To Watch

The year was quite eventful for Hollywood as well for the movie junkies present out there. If you are also from those people who think that time just went on the blink of an eye or it is a very boring time then here I’ve got some cool movies in the 123Movies store only for you.

The top movies to binge upon!

Since 2018 the New Year just has started let’s have a look at the top 5 best movies on 123Movies that made the year special for every movie junkie ever.

  1. Dunkirk

I don’t even think Christopher Nolan requires any introduction. As being the man who has given some of the best movies earlier like ‘Inception’, ‘Interstellar’, and ‘The Dark Knight’ the movie ‘Dunkirk’ is no different.

  1. Coco

If there is anything that Pixar and Disney can ever teach us is the case that a person can never grow old for not watching animated movies. And the endless popularity of movie ‘Coco’ is the proof. This movie was nominated in 75th Golden Globe Awards under the category of Best Animated Feature Film.

Top 5 Best Movies On 123Movies That Every Movie Junkie Will Love To Watch

  1. Logan

Marvel has offered us some of the most fantastic superhero movies and ‘Logan’ is from one of them. This movie is the tenth chapter in the ‘X-Men’ series and the last part for our loved superhero movie ‘Wolverine’. Logan has become the second highest-earning movie and if you have still not watched this movie then you are missing some really good stuff.

  1. IT

Until previous years we only had ‘The Conjuring’ or ‘The Exorcist’ was the only choice for horror movies but after the release of ‘IT’ things are completely changed. We can say that this is the charm or fear novels written by Stephen King.

Andres Muschietti Director of ‘IT’ has left nothing for making this movie adaptation in the scarier horror movies available in the market.

  1. Baby Driver

‘Baby Driver’ is the best action movie that is released in the year. With action, this movie has some musical touch in it that makes the movie more intriguing. Ansel Elgort, an actor from the movie ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ has done some fabulous job in this movie.

These were my top 5 best movies you can watch online. Do comment on your top 5 best movies, which you think should have been mentioned in the list.