Want to know what type of bed to select for your dog?

A good night sleep is soothing for the body and the mind. This is true not just for human beings but also for your pet dog. Veterinarians advocate usage of dog beds instead of letting dogs sleep just anywhere in the house or sleeping with the owner. You can visit PawCastle for professional advice about dog care and dog products.

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PawCastle gives an expert opinion on dog products like top five dog crates, dog beds, underground and wireless dog fences, dog doors, dog houses. The website also gives excellent tips on grooming and dog care.

Dog beds provide

  • Better insulation
  • Comfort for older dogs, dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia, small breeds
  • Gives a personal space to the dog to rest
  • Easy way to clean dog’s dander

There are many different kinds of dog beds available in the market. Consider the size and age of the dog before choosing the right dog bed. Always go for good quality bed mattress which is easy for clean for superior comfort. Observe the sleeping position of the dog. Depending on whether the dog is curling like a ball or sprawling, you can choose a round or rectangular bed. Hairless dogs like Argentine Pila Dog, American Hairless Terrier need a soft burrowing bed whereas dogs with fur like American Eskimo Dog, Chihuahuas need elevated padded beds.

Small beds are ideal for small dogs like Chihuahuas, medium beds for  Australian Shepherds and French bulldogs. Large beds for bulldogs, labs or greyhounds. Extra large beds for Great Danes, Black Russian Terriers or Bernese Mountain Dogs.

The top picks according to PawCastle are as follows:

Pet Lifestyle Lounge beds for dogs: They are bolster beds with good headrest. They are good for larger dogs. They have organic filling material. Available in a variety of colours and in different sizes. They need low maintenance and easily washable.

Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed: This is helpful in soothing stiff joints and sore muscles. It is good for older, ailing dogs. It is sturdy with three layers of foam. It retains the shape up to 10 years. It is not waterproof. It is little expensive.

Heavy Duty Kuranda Dog Bed For Large Dogs: It is best for outdoors. It is lightweight, strong and chew resistant. It has a strong aluminum frame. It is unbreakable.

Orthopedic dog beds with cooling facility: It is best for older, ailing dogs. The colour has a  cooling gel to adjust body temperature.

PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge: It is orthopedic bed with bolsters having a comfortable headrest. It is waterproof. It is good for older dogs.

Visit PawCastle at pawcastle.com/best-dog-beds for more information about the features of best dog beds. It is reassuring to see your dog trotting happily after a good night sleep instead of waking up slowly with stiff, sore muscles. Invest wisely for your pet.