What Are The Best Places To Place Your Air Compressor

Air compressors are machines that compress air and store it in a container to be used in various instances. There are many industries that use these like the hospitality industry and the automotive industry. From filling up tanks with clean air to powering tools. Air compressors are widely used that there are even compact ones out there that are intended to be mobile or for home use.

Although compact air compressors are compact, the fact is that it has some downsides. In order to make compact air compressors reliable, it becomes powerful and sometimes a bit powerful from the engine. Make no mistake, compact air compressors are reliable and can do its job most of the time, but it doesn’t have a very high output versus the industrial air compressors due to the capacity, size and small motor. Not to mention, it also has overheating problems. Although you can’t erase the fact that it will have overheating problems due to prolonged use, there are actually ways to keep it cool. So what is the best place to put air compressor?

In a high and leveled place: The ideal place to put an air compressor is in a high-level place that one can easily use and reach. How that can translate to cooling? It can because usually your machinery and tools are located below giving more space for air flow and heat to dissipate. Plus, it’s easy for air to pass through objects that are higher in displacement versus lowered ones.

best place to put air compressor

In an open and well-ventilated place: Placing it in an open and well-ventilated place helps dissipate heat and allows the natural wind to do its magic and extend the performance of the air compressor. Some are even installing cooling mechanisms like exhaust, electric fans, and air conditioning to help with the heat and extend the use of the air compressor.

Away from places that are creating heat: Air compressors generate heat once used and this is common to any motorized tools. If you want to control the heat, make sure that the location of the air compressor is away from any motorized tools that are being used at the same time since they share the heat and might easily overheat at the same time. Keep it in a cool and dry place as much as possible.

If you’re working with air compressors then you know everything about it and you’re using the industrial ones. But, if you’re a novice that has one on their garage, there are a few things that you should know about extending the performance of your air compressor before it overheats. That is to have that mindset to always make it cool.