Where to buy Quinoa in Singapore

Quinoa is cooked like rice and other grains, but Quinoa (pronounced “kienwa”) is botanically related to spinach and beets. What you eat are the edible seeds of the plant, and its nutritional value is impressive. It is considered to be a complete protein containing all eight amino acids.

It is not surprising that the Incas call Quinoa the “mother of grains.”

What to look for when buying Quinoa

White Quinoa has a light, less bitter taste and can be simmered.

Red-cooked meat is perfect for salads and soups because it doesn’t break up the chewy texture.

Black Quinoa has a deeper, salty, and sweet taste with a chewy texture.

You can choose critical black to match the color. The black and red are gorgeous, and the bright veggie salad is delicious. If you plan to consume Quinoa regularly, it is best to buy a funnel with tiny pores. The Quinoa should be rinsed to remove the outer layer of bitter saponins. Most sellers take it off before packing but recommend rewashing it.

Here are some recipes to check out

  • Quinoa bowl
  • Spring vegetable soup with chicken and lemon

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