Why Bitcoin is considered a worthy investment for future

Bitcoins were created in the year 2009 and by now the value of it has become stable to rupees in lakhs for a single bitcoin. With different opinions by different people, no one seem to stop talking and buying bitcoins from any corner of the world. Bitcoins can be converted into any other currencies using converter. Visit 1 btc to inr if you want to convert your single bitcoin to its value in rupees.

There are some valid reasons why people consider bitcoins as a good investment for the future like gold and silver. They are as follows,

  • The early Bitcoin rate was just less than 1 dollars and now it has reached above 20000 dollars for a single bitcoin. The early Bitcoin owners have already become wealthy and some people are still thinking about is it safe to buy bitcoins by present year. No pain no gain. But when you take risks, it is possible to become wealthy like the early owners.


  • Even thoughbitcoins are not controlled by any government authorities, the rules implied for it is permanent and would not change. No owners of bitcoin has the ability to change it but just see it. No one would be able to change the number of bitcoins over 21million coins that is preset. It is more over transparent in all its actions including transactions.
  • Since Bitcoin is bought at a faster rate and it’s demand is also increasing. And the number of bitcoins left over is decreasing which would increase its value. Visit 1 btc to inr to know the value of bitcoin in rupees.