Why Is Fortnite So Popular Across The World?

Fortnite has taken over the world completely and it is currently the most played game in the world. From social networking sites to video streaming sites like Twitch and YouTube, you will find millions of posts on Fortnite. The reason for its popularity is not far fetching. One of the biggest reasons is that it is Free for all platforms starting from PC to PlayStation and Xbox. Its nearby competitor is PUBG which costs $30. Since most of the players of the games belong to the teenage group, paying a few bucks matters a lot especially when the free game is providing more features than the paid one. If you are into Fortnite, do check out the hacks available on https://hacksforfortnite.site/.

Reasons For The Rise Of Fortnite –

Battle Royale Games – Battle Royale games represent those games where 100 or more players can participate simultaneously and they are either form group or play individually. It is an excitement of another level when so many players are involved. Battle Royale games are a rage in the current generation and there is no better game than Fortnite in this category.

Unique Gameplay – Before Fortnite went viral, it was Minecraft that was crazy popular of social media and other platforms. Fortnite is considered to be an amalgamation of Minecraft and PUBG. One can loot weapons, explosives, medicines, and other useful items to become powerful and score over the competitors easily.

There are interesting modes like Storm whereby the designated map will start shrinking which will force everyone to get closer and fight each other out. It is like the Hunger Games type as the last man standing will be the winner. It is a combination of shooter games and building games. You can create your own structures and retaliate the way you want to.

Youth and Social Media – The social media sites have been highly influential in the rise of the popularity of Fortnite. People are finding new ways to kill their enemies, discovering glitches and hacks to get an upper hand easily. You can check out the important Fortnite hacks on https://hacksforfortnite.site/.

The game has been designed for teenagers and it is extremely popular among guys and girls of the age bracket 13 to 18. The game has spread through social media, word of mouth and through videos popular influencers like YouTubers endorsing it via their Twitch account when they play it all day long. Even parents can play with their children thanks to the intuitive and simplistic design of the game.