Why should Each Agent Sell the Final Insurance?

There are many types of insurance you can sell to your clients, from life insurance to long-term care insurance and many other types of intermediate insurance. But one of the most profitable types of insurance policies for an agent is the final expense insuranceor the funeral insurance, as many people call it.

 Here are some reasons why the insurance for final expenses is ideal for the agents that sell it.

  • Just explain

With life insurance, long-term care insurance, and other types of insurance policies, there is a vocabulary and jargon that regular customers may not understand. There can also be several types that can overwhelm a buyer’s policy. For example, life insurance has a life, a life, universal, and others. For the average customer, they can be overwhelmed by the diversity and cannot make an informed decision. But with the final insurance costs, you sell a policy to help cover your funeral and funeral expenses.

  • Lower sales process

With a traditional insurance policy, an agent can take up to ten weeks to receive a sales commission. This is because there are many steps involved in the sale of other types of policies. The minimum is usually about six weeks before the agent receives his commission. However, with a final expense insurance policy, an agent often receives his commission in approximately two weeks. This is because making the sale requires fewer steps. Usually, the agent does not need to request and wait for the medical care of the insured person to arrive or prescribe a medical examination.

final expense insurance policy

  • Sequential payments

When evaluating your customer base or potential customers to know the final insurance costs, you will notice that most people who are interested in this type of policy belong to the older age group, mostly older people. Older people are more likely to keep their premiums on final expenses when they expire, while younger insurers can leave their final insurance policy on final costs or even get rid of it. When the time comes to pay bills each month, the final spending policy is likely to be one of the lowest priorities for young people, but it will be at the top of the list of priorities for older people.

  • Large commissions

Agents can earn higher commissions for smaller policies by selling the final insurance costs. The larger the buyer of the policy, the higher the premiums they will pay, and the higher the commission for the agent who sold the system. This is an excellent return on your time costs!


If you neglected the final costs of selling insurance, you might miss some high sales. Re-evaluate the aspect of the final cost insurance before losing possible new sales and commissions.