Why to really buy LinkedIn Endorsements?

Today, LinkedIn is globally one of the most trusted professional networking websites. It is undoubtedly the first and preferred choice of thousands and millions of job seekers and hiring managers. Therefore, it does make sense to possess a distinctive presence on this platform and this is the biggest reason why more and more career-oriented people have decided to buy LinkedIn endorsements.

Benefits Of LinkedIn Recommendations

We all do somehow accept that a big majority of good employees are often actually left sitting on the sidelines. Hiring managers and recruiters generally find it hard to identify able and qualified people in the present environment. This is because hiring managers don’t want people who can perform the job but they are looking for visible people who have already performed the same job. Their decision to invite someone for an interview may be influenced by positive recommendations on a well-developed and maintained LinkedIn profile page that demonstrates exact skills in possession and endorsed by industry leaders and common connections. These are just some of the reasons why potential employees in today’s professional marketplace buy LinkedIn endorsements.

LinkedIn endorsements are now perceived by a big majority of recruiters and hiring managers as the “market standard.” LinkedIn recommendations tend to paint a better picture of the profile and skills set of a candidate. In a way, they stand out as vouching for the accuracy and authenticity of the expertise, skills, and professional qualifications of candidates. Therefore, it can be said that it does make sense to buy LinkedIn endorsements. After all, every possible way of communicating with or getting the attention of hiring managers and recruiters is a definite plus.

The Real Value Of LinkedIn Recommendations

Potential employees are more likely to be accepted as possible fits from the point of view of a hiring manager if he or she been endorsed for specific skills by multiple qualified people. The word-of-mouth recommendations and endorsements still hold value. Let us assume that there are two candidates for a single job vacancy. One of them has been keeping a low LinkedIn presence and the other one is just everywhere on LinkedIn, garnering endorsements from reputed industry leaders and past colleagues. It is very obvious that a hiring manager that is looking for a candidate on LinkedIn will give first preference to the second candidate.

However, it is extremely important that the endorsement must come from a reputed and related individual that has enough knowledge about the skills set. For example – If you are a Content writer and there is a recommendation from an accountant, it may appear fishy. However, an endorsement from a marketing manager with some posts on Content usefulness and who is related to your industry is a keeper. Always remember, quality always outscore quantity!