Why Valves and Actuators Are Ideal For HVAC

You might hear about valves and actuators but you are not familiar with it. Some of you are not familiar and never hear about it. However, valves and actuators can be just around. Now, for those who know about it, you might be aware that some brands of these devices guaranteed quality over the others. Siemens is a worldwide recognized company, a German conglomerate, for its great precision and innovative equipment. The equipment is known as the valves and actuators providing superior service. The company had excelled in many departments that made them no need for introduction. The company had been offering a wide selection of valves and actuators among auxiliaries. It surpasses expectations when speaking of easy replacement and longevity.

hvac controlsIdeal for your HVAC system

Having an HVAC system at home helps control the cooling and heating temperature. Thus, you may need a reliable valve and actuator for the proper control of such temperature. Great products are the quality valve actuators like Belimo and Siemens. Siemens has a diversified range of products with various offerings of valves and actuators applications. It includes in the HVAC systems in which lots of homeowners are thankful for how they control the cooling and heating temperature inside the home. Siemens actuators turned out as the best choice for HVAC applications.

The components of Siemens Automation

Siemens become the world leader when speaking of manufacturing, development, and marketing of automation. It offers superior quality components and a wide selection of applications. Siemens offers automation components such as the following:

  • duct temperature sensor
  • filter element
  • gauges
  • line reactors
  • retro-stat kit
  • room sensor
  • switching relay
  • temperature sensors


The valves and actuators

Learn what are these valves and actuators here. Understand each function and decide which one you need.

  • Pneumatic valve actuators. It is ideal for use in glycol, liquid, and steam applications. The quality of actuators is enhanced when paired with Siemens and Belimo valves and supporting auxiliaries.
  • Damper actuators. These are the ones that regulate the opening and closing of the dampers. Siemens is offering an electronic and pneumatic selection of damper actuators that offer reliable operation, efficient power consumption, and fast.
  • Electric valve actuators. These are suitable for any HVAC application and offers ideal automation building solutions. The alternatives include mechanically and hydraulic operated actuators.
  • Control valves. It is offering a highly control efficiency and accuracy to reduced energy consumption and also for efficient operation. It is offering a wide range of products that are economical and reliable valves for various applications.