Wicker Dog Beds: Selecting the Best One

The dog bed is made to provide the best and comfortable sleeping posture to your pet. The wicker dog bed has become quite popular among the dog lovers. The Natural Wicker dog beds are light and sturdy. They’re generally made from the renewable material as well as are recyclable. The dog beds are environmental friendly and totally biodegradable. You can have the synthetic wicker beds that are made from plastic and resin accessible to select from.

Types of Wicker Beds to Choose

Wicker dog beds are generally made as round or oval baskets. They’re generally chew-resistant, and without any kind of sharp edges. Most of the wicker dog beds have the soft mattress, blanket and cushions that will keep your dog warm when sleeping. The cushions are generally made from the washable fabrics. Some dog beds also provide cooling & heating options, to offer complete relief during the extreme weather condition. The frozen gel pads and heated gel pads will be placed inside these cushions of the beds that will control the temperature. The heated pet beds will be highly beneficial for the dogs with the joint disorders.

Wicker Dog Beds: Selecting the Best One

Taking Proper Care of the Beds

Wicker dog beds are simple to keep clean. It allows your dog hair, debris and dirt to fall through the ground for simple cleaning. The dogs beds made from wicker will be dyed or painted to any shade. They will blend with the furniture & enhance your house aesthetics too.

Things to Know Before Buying the Pet Bed

Many reputed stores online provide the wide range of the wicker beds. They’re accessible in the different sizes and shapes. But, you should consider a few important factors before you buy the bed for your pet:

Dog Breed

The bogs of various breeds exhibit diverse behaviors or preferences. Some dog breeds generally prefer the cozy beds, whereas others like space while they are sleeping. Select the wicker bed as per your dog’s preferences.

Size and Age

It’s important to consider size and measurement of the dog before you buy the bed. This bed must be spacious to accommodate the dog comfortably. More, bed must allow your pet to get in & out very easily. Also, you must consider the dog’s age. Suppose your puppy will fit in the small bed, you must estimate adult size as puppy will grow in the large dog. Or you might need to discard your bed in some months.