Dimples on your thighs may not be as endearing as when they are on kids’ cheeks. Women are usually not bothered by their cellulite. But they are more than willing to part with it. Who loves cellulite? Of course, none. This brings us to fascia blasting. An all-natural solution to cellulite. It reduces muscle soreness and improves circulation.

What is fascia?

Fascia is like the inner layer of a banana peel. It is a clingfilm-like substance that wraps around all our muscles and organs. It offers support to our musculoskeletal system. And it also reduces friction during our everyday movement. So we can perform activities such as walking. As well as running and sitting at a desk for more than nine hours. Collagen comprises fascia.

Why does it need blasting?

Blood flow to muscles will weaken if your fascia malfunctions. It will also impede flexibility and cause cellulite. Cellulite is the external result of the distorted fascia. Fascia blasting aims to give this clingfilm a workout. It stretches and smoothens it so your body can work at its best. Fascia blasting uses a tool called FASCIABLASTER.


How do you use a FasciaBlaster?

You need to warm up your muscles before you roll that rod with claws. A hot shower or a  bath will be enough. You can also use a heating pad. Or you can go to the sauna. Some exercises will also do. Apply lotion or oil to the area you want to massage. Then roll the FasciaBlaster over your skin in a gentle manner. Do it in up-and-down or side-to-side motions. One to three minutes of gentle pressure per area is enough. Be careful and apply the proper amount of pressure. Bruising is possible if you overdo it. Drink lots of water after you finish. Then massage the areas you went over.

How does fascia blasting feel?

The sensation is somewhat like what you feel when you do foam rolling. Except that your roller does not have weird-looking prongs. Fascia blasting can be a bit painful if your fascia is not in great shape. Start out light-handed if that is the case. You can apply more pressure as your fascia health improves.

How frequent should you do it?

It depends on your health and level of comfort. You should do regular sessions if you want to achieve results. Two to three times a week of fascia blasting is about right. It will allow for some recovery time between your sessions. You can consider rubbing herbal gels that treat bruising if you get any.

Most people notice that their skin became taut. This is after fascia blasting for three or more sessions. Their cellulite also lessened. Their muscles were not as sore as before anymore. And they feel more flexible. Make sure to keep this routine because your cellulite will come back once you stop doing it. Do not forget to consult your doctor or physical therapist before you try it.